Comprehensive Interview Services

Our detectives can help you establish a preliminary direction for your investigation, or to compliment other phases of an investigation through properly conducted witness interviews.  We can interview witnesses, victims, informants and more.  Witness interviews can be one of the most valuable sources of information in a civil litigation.  As retired law enforcement supervisors, our detectives understand and practice effective and proven interviewing techniques. 

Our experienced investigators are astute interviewers.  We have managed and supervised thousands of cases that included extensive and protracted suspect and witness interviews to successful outcomes.   We conduct our interviews in a less formal, more relaxed environment.  But utilized proven Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Techniques.  We are highly trained to ask the right questions, listen closely and analyze what is being said and not said. We observe and understand the non-verbal aspects of the interviewee’s reactions. We probe deeper with the right questions at the right times to obtain any additional information and to ascertain the accuracy of the statements.

If you are not getting the right answers to your questions, contact us for the TRUTH.  



In the conduct of both suspect and witness interviews, the task for interviewers is to elicit a comprehensive, accurate, and investigation-relevant account of what happened. “