Investigation Services

Progressive I-3 Solutions is a full-service private detective agency.  We conduct investigations for attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, and individuals. Experience is what makes our investigations different from the rest. 

Surveillance, Missing Persons, Undercover Investigations, Background Checks, Intelligence Gathering and other services require a Progressive and Diverse approach.  We use proven methods from our extensive on-the-job experience.  We know what works and what doesn’t work from actual investigations we have conducted during our many years working in Law Enforcement.  

We are Committed to providing you with Accurate and Detailed information that you can base your decisions for a Successful Outcome to any situation.

No job is too small or too complex for our company to investigate.  We pride ourselves with the ability to handle complex multi-tiered investigations in a timely and competent manner. 

When searching for a private detective, ask yourself:

  • Where does their experience come from?
  • Is their Law Enforcement experience from many years of conducting investigations and supervising complex covert operations?

Once you answer these questions, our agency will be the place your investigative needs will be handled competently and comprehensively with a successful outcome.


Effective and Competent Investigations